The #1 Reason Small Business Marketing Fails – And How to Avoid Making This Same Mistake.

By June 22, 2019 Article, Featured


Many small-business marketers, mistakenly, assume that prospects will understand why they should buy a product or service from them just because they've been told about it.

These business owners only communicate the features of their product or service to their prospects and neglect to mention the results that their prospect will get.

They are so focused on the feature that they don’t consider why that feature would benefit their prospect.

It is the famous features vs. benefits dilemma.

Most small business owners don’t really understand the difference. And that's the #1 reason, in my humble opinion, that most small-business marketing plan efforts don't work!

They decide to start their business based on two things:

What they like working on that they like to do and the idea that customers or clients will buy their product or service.

This is where that problem usually rears it ugly head.

The small business owner assumes that a prospect will understand why a particular feature will be of benefit to them so he neglects to go the extra mile to explain the end result the prospect will experience.

What is a feature?

Google says it is a distinctive attribute or aspect of something.

It is a statement that details what the product or service is about.

Features aren't what persuade customers to buy.

The result of the benefit is what does the trick.

You determine the result of the benefit.

So a feature tells you what it is.

For example the feature is 100 Number Speed Dial.

The benefits would include:
Don’t need to remember the number, can do it faster because of less keystrokes

The result your prospect will get:
They won’t need to get out a business card file to look up the number, key it into their phone and possibly misdial the number. And, it will save them time to do other tasks in their busy schedule.

Let's take this is a bit further.

There are 3 companies selling a toy that needs batteries and these batteries are included.

So the Feature is that batteries are included.


Company #1 advertises batteries included.

Company  #2 is a bit smarter in marketing so they advertise batteries included so it is ready to use right out of the box.

Much better, right?

Company #3 ends up with the most sales because they apply the RESULTS METHOD.

They take the 3 pieces (Feature, Benefit and Result) and bundle them together in their message.

Their advertising says: Batteries are included so you can use it right out of the box. We included them because we didn't want you to forget to buy batteries and have to face a teary eyed, disappointed child who wanted to play with it.

So hopefully you can see that by thinking in terms of results that the prospect doesn't need to try to figure this out for themselves.

Probably all business owners know about features.

Some understand the benefits.

But very few understand the entire process.

The difficulty isn't features vs. benefits, but rather features vs. results.

Start with your current features, and then take each one into the results phase.

When you use this RESULTS METHOD to discover the benefits of your product or service, you can be sure the marketing message that you use  to reach your prospects will be right on target.

And that's the most reliable way to get business!